About Me

Who is Zsarenet Smith?

Zsarenet Smith is a mother, wife, daughter, friend, and last but not least a creative, fresh and passionate event planner!!! As you can see like all women I wear many hats and being a Blissfully Simple Certified Event Planner and Owner of Layne Smith Events is a hat that I wear with pride.

A true Pisces at heart; Compassionate, Devoted, and Imaginative are a few of the qualities that allow me to connect with my clients.  I love working with people, being a leader, and showing my artistic side.  Being able to be the voice for my clients and to really connect with them is truly important to me. Bringing two families together and knowing that I helped them have an amazing and memorable day is always a fairytale ending for me.

As long as I can remember I have always been eager to have my hands in planning events. In elementary/high school I was the little girl planning school fundraisers, class parties, and yes even a baby shower for my 5th grade teacher. After high school I went on to receive a degree in Business Managament, but this just did not fulfill the artist in me. To show the world my creative side through planning  tasteful/elegant or modern/refined weddings was exactly what I needed. Whatever a couples dreams may be I always get a rush from being able to bring their dreams to life.

After being blessed with a dream wedding and being able to finally marry the love of my life and unite our families, my eyes were completely opened as to what my calling truly was.  When a person truly finds there calling and  is truly passionate about what they do not only does it bring them great joy but that joy is expressed in their work as well. I could not imagine doing anything else than what I do and I am truly thankful to have found my calling and to have become a Blissfully Simple Planner , business owner, and mother/wife.

I look forward to helping change your life and the world one wedding at a time.

Last but not least I would like to leave you with two little facts about me that will really show you who Zsarenet Smith is. First my favorite movie is “The Note Book” and  second my favorite quote is from the mouth of my 2year old son, “ Don’t Stop, Don’t Give up….Keep Trying” : I think these two things sums up who I truly am !!!!!!